A doggo sporting ‘barong,’ the national native dress of men in the Philippines, has caught the attention of many animal lovers on social media.

Jeaven Jean Gloria posted photos of her wedding, which included her adorable animal companion, Lexus, and shared it on the Facebook group, Who’s Your Pupper?

Lexus is an eight-year-old aspin, and has been a great companion for Gloria and her family. So it was only right to include him on her special day. On Jan. 8, 2020, although it was Gloria’s time to shine on her wedding day, Lexus sure stole the spotlight as he wore his own barong tagalog.

Gloria told Animal Scene that she found a store that offers to sew dog-sized barongs for only P500 plus shipping fee.

Lexus sure strut beautifully with his barong, and it showed on all their photos. “I was very clear/specific on our photographer na the most important pic for me is with my dog,” Gloria added.

For anyone who would also like to have their photos taken with their animal companions, Gloria recommends isaiahstudio.

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