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Name of Photographer: Rich Briones
Name of Pet: Manjar

The rabbit standing proud in this photo is Manjar. He is a Fawn Flemish Giant rabbit buck with the most curious mind! He will definitely check everything that he sees in front of him whether it is an adult Labrador Retriever dog, talk about being fearless! If this seven-kilogram rabbit is not hopping around the house minding everyone’s businesses, he’s probably under my desk, his usual resting spot. Manjar appreciates his afternoon walks in the garden until he just lays down there and waits for me to pick him up and bring him indoors. Ever since he was young, Manjar got used to traveling and meeting people. That is why it is so easy to take a selfie with him. As there is a rise in the number of new rabbit parents, Manjar wishes that these rabbit parents would take the time to study and learn how they should properly take care of rabbits and also take the time to get to know their rabbit companions as well!

Name of Photographer: Rich Briones
Name of Pet: Manjar & SB

These two fur babies are often mistakenly identified as related in terms of their species. Rabbits and cavies are actually from different taxonomic orders. Rabbits are members of the taxonomic orderLagomorpha, while cavies are members of the taxonomic order Rodentia. Each of these animals have their own needs and behavior that a pet parent should know of before deciding on welcoming these fur babies in their homes. Meet Manjar (left), a Fawn Flemish Giant rabbit. He is a total gentle giant with the most curious mind! He’ll check everything he sees fearlessly! Regardless if it is a dog more than five times his size! SB (right) is a Cream American Cavy. He is mostly skittish but his squeal is the first thing that welcomes me the moment I get home. He also makes that same excited squeal whenever he hears the fridge door open; as for him, it is the sound of his daily portion of fresh vegetables about to be served! Manjar and SB are very different not only taxonomically speaking but also in their needs and their behaviors! The only thing similar between these two is that they are equally adorable! 

Name of Photographer: Roniel Ungsod
Name of Pet: Milo

Milo is an adventurous dog from Mandaluyong City. He loves long walks and the smell of grass. Most of his long walks around the city have photo ops. Milo is keen to explore many places including malls, gardens and parks. Being an explorer, Milo is not afraid to try news things and meet with pawesome people. Having a cute smile and a kind heart is what makes Milo a great companion, and a fun partner for great adventures.
These photos were taken when we travelled in Bolinao, Pangasinan, a great place to relax and enjoy the water flowing view. This was Milo’s longest and most memorable adventure. He was able to swim and had a minor hike with his friends and loved ones. Milo also met a couple of people who were also enjoying the experience. The view was so refreshingly amazing and so was the water. It was an exciting escapade for us since it was Milo’s first waterfalls experience. The best part of Milo’s experience was being able to enjoy it with the dearly close to him.

Name of Photographer: Jennie Fajardo-Panes
Name of Pet: CJ 

CJ is a 10-year-old Westie who is currently employed as Head Dog Teacher in dog enrichment center. His pay-slip includes a monthly supply of special treats and toys. He is also certified therapy dog in PAWS. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with squeaky toys, fetching balls, and wrestling with his siblings and friends. He was into dog sports when he was younger. He loved doing agility and flyball and his favorite nosework. He may be a very busy one but he has a devoted four-foot companion to me. 

Name of Photographer: Rich Briones
Name of Pet: SB

Don’t be fooled by his innocent face as he can devour a whole plate of fresh vegetables in the blink of an eye! SB is a cream American Cavy boar. He is mostly skittish to people but his squeal would wake up the entire neighborhood especially when he hears the fridge door opens. For him, it only means one thing: fruits and vegetables are about to be served! Personally, I find cavies as very expressive creatures. They make the most adorable vocalizations when they are excited, and when they are happy to be around you. Cavies would also make sounds when they are anxious or scared. SB, as well as the other cavies, are one of my favorites subjects when I take photos. Not only because they are naturally photogenic, but also because they are very calm and docile in nature and they usually stop, move slowly and cautiously, making it seem like they are striking a pose!

Name of Photographer: Dra. Celeste Gruezo
Name of Pet: Tiger

Tiger… my scratchy cat. I first saw a tiny orange ball on the roof of our chicken cage at the corner of our backyard. I became excited when I realized that the orange ball was indeed a kitten! For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to have a pet cat. I started to try and approach the orange kitten but it was skittish, though at times, I would find it inside the cage peacefully sitting beside our rooster. Leaving fish at the back of our kitchen worked as I saw the orange kitten jump from the roof of the chicken cage and walked towards the food. Little by little, I was able to hold the orange fluff for some time though when I released it on the floor, it unleashed its claws and turns me into a scratching pole. As time went by, I realized that Tiger (perfect name both for its ginger color and feisty personality) wouldn’t turn out to be my idea of a cat – something that will let me hold it and pet it gently. No, Tiger was the direct opposite of all that. Tiger scratches me when I feed him and pounces on me as if he is always surprised to see me. But through it all it never crossed my mind to just dump him out in the streets. I just kept my distance and calculated my movement around him. Nowadays, there has been some improvement. After a night out of cavorting in our yard, he would behave in the morning and I would be able to hold him enough to be able to put his collar back on him again. It might be a long time before Tiger finally lets me pet him. Maybe that time will never come. But my so-called prodigal cat has taught me that when you decide to care for a cat, it can teach you a thing or two about yourself. In my case, Tiger may be this masungit and scratchy cat I rescued from our backyard who is a far cry from my idea of a pet cat, but he will always be my first official cat. The first kitten I was able to care for to grow up into this proud macho cat who proudly roams our yard – his kingdom – sunning himself, catching mice or basking in the knowledge that he has a loyal subject like me who takes care of his whims and wants.

Name of Photographer: Rich Briones
Name of Pet: Masha

Masha is a Satin Angora rabbit doe and was four months old when this photo was taken. She would not mind staying beside you for hours as she is a big fan of cuddling. Satin Angoras, just like other angora rabbits, have long fibers of their coat. What’s very distinct with Satin Angoras is that their wool feels finer and softer to touch, appears silkier and has an innate sheen to it. Given this information, Masha and the rest of Angora rabbits need additional attention when it comes to grooming. Sadly in some places in the world, some people would exploit the Angora’s distinct characteristics by breeding them for their fur and is doing so in the most uncomfortable and inhumane way for our dearest rabbits. Surely, Masha would like to encourage everyone to always choose animal-free fashion. As a pet parent, not even the most luxurious or most expensive rabbit-fur sweater can come close to the warmth my rabbit companion gives me when we bond with each other.

Name of Photographer: Jaycee Pilapil
Name of Pet: Chou

Trust us, this catto knows how to #doitforthegram. He is typically not still, almost never. Probably one of the rowdiest in the clowder. Most cats are deceitful, but Chou (@chouyunfatcat) does it like a PRO. That is how he tricked us into adopting him. Our place is his third attempt to look for a home because his previous owners weren’t sure they have a space for him. 
One year after, he is still the master of mischief in our big clowder. He instigates running around and playful banters, but he is also willed enough to play on his own. His favorite toy would be the plastic seal off a newly opened mineral water container. Each time he hears opening a new one, he would rush to the kitchen and claims his new toy. That would keep him entertained for hours, even days without the slightest worry in this world. Wouldn’t it be nice if we share the same disposition as Chou has?

Name of Photographer: Calla Angela Lim
Name of Pet: Popcorn

The cat in the picture is Popcorn. This was taken one evening when Popcorn was feeling very sleepy, but was trying his best to stay awake because I was playing with him. Popcorn is a male ginger cat. When he was a kitten, he was the tallest among his siblings. Popcorn is a quiet cat who doesn’t meow when he was younger. Now that he is in his adulthood, he manages to meow several times when asking for food. He lives with other cats and kittens at home. He is friendly to all our cats. He is also very clingy, but a sweet cat to his human companions. He has a lovable puff ball face and round eyes. Even though he is already an adult, he is still like a baby in many ways. He loves drinking milk. He loves playing with kittens, and he loves sleeping inside a box. Popcorn is like the king of cats in our home and acts as a guardian to his companion cats and kittens. 

Name of Photographer: Dra. Celeste Gruezo
Name of Pet: Snowbelle 

Snowbelle is a beautiful Siamese cat that was given to me by a veterinarian friend. The first time I saw her, she was inside my violet cat carrier, staring at me with her big blue eyes through the clear plastic window hole of the carrier. I slowly unzipped the carrier and ran my fingers gently along her fur. Snowbelle yawned then just continued to stare back at me with her big blue eyes. Back at home, I opened the carrier inside my room and let Snowbelle slowly walk out. She sat on the floor at the center of my room. After a while, she jumped onto my bed, stretched, then curled up into a fuzzy ball. This picture was taken at Christmas, with Snowbelle wearing the scarf I made for her. I was chasing her all over the house, putting her in places like inside big potted plants or beside jars and wine bottles in the hopes of being able to finally take a good picture of her. This show was of Snowbelle on top of our table. She finally cooperated but did not let me forget who the real master was between the two of us as she stared back at me – unamused – with her White Walker eyes. 

Name of Photographer: Jaymee Ngo
Name of Pet: Wood

Woody has a personality of a human. He does not like to have toothbrush sessions and insist to put everything in his mouth even if I try to take it out. He guards as at night at the front gate even when not trained. Up to now, he guards us in heaven. Thank you for being part of our lives, Woody. 

Name of Photographer:  Dra. Celeste Gruezo
Name of Pet: Cheetah

Cheetah is a domestic shorthair or puspin I adopted from a cat shelter. He was handed to me as a small clingy kitten. Cheetah is a very gentle and sweet cat, the best lap cat for when I am watching TV or just chilling out in bed. He is the perfect stress reliever as he always lets me pet him without any resistance. This photo was taken during Christmas, and as can be seen, Cheetah is very docile and cooperative throughout the entire shoot. He is very comfortable wearing his little elf hat as he looks into the camera with his emerald eyes and poses patiently for the picture.