The coronavirus pandemic has pushed most people toward isolation. Thankfully, some of them have enjoyed the lockdown with the company of their pets.

For many dogs, the quarantine may seem perfect. Their human companions are at home all the time, so they have more time for walk to the parks and more treats. On the other hand, cats are more complex. Some of them are likely hoping for the pandemic to end so as to have more “me time,” while some may want more attention.

Candace Croney, a professor of animal behavior at Purdue University in the state of Indiana, told the Associated Press that it’s quite a lot being around animal companions 24 hours a day during the pandemic.

The pros of being with animal companions all the time is finally having the ability to understand them better. While the cons include pets becoming even more dependent on their owners.

Several veterinarians and owners reportedly give animal companions medicine for anxiety. While others were put on diet after eating too many treats, and not being to have enough exercise because owners are avoiding public places.

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