Adopting and raising a kitten or a puppy is no easy task, now imagine raising a parakeet egg with a fragile little bird in it.

YouTube channel A Chick Called Albert posted a video documenting his journey rescuing an abandoned parakeet egg at a pet shop, and then growing into a beautiful bird.

“I was in a pet shop, when I noticed something odd,” reads the text in the video. “There was a little egg on the floor of the budgie’s cage. I only saw a male budgie. The owner told me she had just sold the female. Luckily, she was happy to give the egg to me.”

He took the abandoned egg and placed it inside a matchbox. When he arrived home, he put it inside an incubator, all the while wondering if he would be able to bring it to life.

After a few days in the incubator, he finally saw a beating heart inside the egg.

“From that moment on, he grew fast,” he wrote in the video. It is a great responsibility to care for the egg, as he had to rotate it three times a day to prevent the developing bird from sticking to the shell.

On the 19th day, the bird started hatching. “So far, so good. But this was just the start,” he said in the video.

“He needed food and since a parrot is new to me, I had studied everything about how to fee him,” he said. “It could be done, but it wouldn’t be easy.”

Soon, the bird grew healthier and stronger. The man who adopted him decided to call the pet shop and come after the bird’s father. “So I called the pet shop. He was still there. I told them I would come for him, as soon as his son could fly.”

Once the tiny parakeet learned to fly, the man did return to the pet store and took home the dad and cared for him, too.

After a week, the video has already garnered over 13.5 million views and about 40,000 comments.

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