A sweet dog named Kona has gained popularity on Instagram for her wholesome videos and pictures, especially about her caring for shy kittens so they could learn socializing with people.

Kona’s owner, Asa, is known to foster cats and dogs in New York City until they find a suited family to care for the animals. She has found 164 animals their forever homes.

“Fostering is my way of giving back to the animals. I’ve always loved dogs since I grew up with 3 of them (4 at one point). I had kind of a broken family and my dogs were the one constant in life, and as an only child, I leaned on them a lot for consolation,” Asa told Bored Panda in an interview. “They brought me so much joy throughout my childhood and I knew I wanted to give back somehow, and fostering is my way of giving back.”

On December last year, they decided to foster 10-12 weeks old kittens that she found in a backyard. When she took home the kittens, now named Chester and Blair, it’s amazing that they instantly bonded with Kona, who became like their own mother.

“It happened naturally! And it actually blossomed more the longer I fostered. With the first foster kitten she met, she was very excited, but she bonded with her more like a friend rather than as a foster mom. Then as I fostered more babies (both puppies and kittens), she started to develop more of a babysitter role, and eventually a mama!” Asa said.

She believed that Kona sensed that the two kittens were more reserved than the other cats they’ve fostered.

“[Kona] really has the magic touch!” she added. “I’ve had them for 6 weeks now and they still run away from me but with Kona, they gravitated towards her the moment they saw her on their first days here.”

Chester and Blair since then have been adopted to their fur-ever families, all thanks to Kona’s love and affection!

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