The Baguio City Council has passed on the third and final reading of the Responsible Dog Ownership Ordinance, which aroused a few debates from dog lovers.

The ordinance requires the registration of dogs, either by mircochipping or dog-tagging. Registration certificate costs P50 from the Baguio City Veterinary Office, while micochipping will also be available for P400.

The city will be required to keep a database of the dogs, including their registration numbers, dog owner’s name, address, and other information on both dogs and the owners.

However, there is one provision in the law that alarms dog lovers.

According to the bill, the dog should be inside the property of the dog owner or watched over by the owner all the time, but if it happen to escape and cause damage, owners will be held liable.

For example, a driver accidentally runs over a dog in a public street, including subdivision roads. The driver will not be held responsible, but pet owners will be held liable for any damage caused to the dog.

According to Rappler’s report, a volunteer of the Animal Kingdom Foundation in Tarlac, a non-profit organization that helped curb dog meat selling in the city, said they legal team want to look at the ordinance for legal issues.

Last year, the city council was also under fire from many dog parents on the issue of forced dogchipping.

Currently, the ordinance has been forwarded to the mayor’s desk for approval. If approved, the implementing rules and regulations will be hashed out within 30 days.

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