When we think about weddings, we immediately think about the venue, the friends and family to invite, the theme, and the vows yet to be written. But for pet parents getting married, they also get to think about the role of their animal companions at the most wonderful time of their lives.

Irish Sales spoke with Animal Scene and shared her wedding details where she and now-husband Angelo Added their pooches to the wedding.

The wedding

Irish, a 32-year-old pharmacist, shared that she and Angelo first met back in 2014. “He just knew how to melt my heart, so a year after that, we finally became official,” she said about her husband.

For a year, they both prepared for the wedding. Out of all the preparations they needed to finish, one thing was at the top of their list: including their dogs in all of their decisions.

Irish and Angelo chose a forest theme for their prenup. For their dogs, they had to look for a pet-friendly place that was best-fitted for their chosen theme. Aside from that, they also hired a dog-loving theme of photographers, videgraphers, and makeup artists.

“Our dogs were only given one task, and that [was] to be themselves as our team [captured] our time with them,” Irish said, as the photos definitely spoke of their close relationship. “No matter how tired they all were, they didn’t fail to deliver.”

On their wedding day, their pooches were on their best behavior as the couple walked down the isle and tied the know. Irish and Angelo made sure to provide their dogs a space to play as they too had their own visitors at the wedding!

“Angelo and I [wanted] to share that special milestone in our lives with them. We [did] not want them to feel left out so we made sure that they [were] with us on that special day, too,” Irish said. “Through that gesture, we can assure them that even though we’re married already, nothing will change.”

Meet the pooches

When we talked about her dogs, Irish beamed right away. She said, “They are the perfect definition of unconditional love.” Her dogs made her and her husband’s life happier and more meaningful.

“I consider them my home, my stress-reliever, and the most attentive companions who] never fail to lighten up my stressful days,” she said about her four dogs: Calvin, Kian, Lucy, and Stelle Lou.

Five-year-old Calvin is their first dog. He was born with his right back leg not in alignment with his body. His right ear also had a cut that made it look more elevated than the other. “His condition didn’t make us see him any less; rather we loved him all the more because of it.”

Kian, an eight-year-old beagle, is their oldest. Irish and Angelo adopted him in 2017 after a friend of theirs had to move to the United States and asked them to look after him.

Then there’s four-year-old Lucy who came into their lives unexpectedly. “Angelo and I paid a trip to Tiendesitas one Sunday aftertoon to buy dog food, but we ended up going home with not only dog food [but also] Lucy in my arms,” shared Irish.

Lucy gave birth to their fourth pooch, Stella Lou. They said she was the “carbon copy of Lucy when she was younger.”

New family

Now that they’re officially married, Irish hopes to keep doing the activities they loved sharing together. She said they usually go out for a drive and spend the day out.

“I see each one of them as a member of the family,” Irish said. “They sleep and stay with us, and celebrate important occassions, just like what a realy family does.”

This appeared in Animal Scene magazine’s January-February 2021 issue.

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