A 65-year-old woman was found living on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico with her six dogs. She used a black plastic bag as an improvised shelter to save them from the cold and rain.

(Photo by Omar Camarillo)

Known as “Chole,” Luz Maria Olmedo Beltran has been homeless for eight years now. Despite her living conditions, Chole continues to care for her six animal companions. Photographer Omar Camarillo found her on the streets and posted her photo along with her heartbreaking story on social media.

“I was shocked by the conditions in which the woman lives. I was able to realize that ‘La Chole’ has a great heart because she helps animals despite having many shortcomings,” Camarillo told Bored Panda in an interview.

(Photo by Omar Camarillo)

According to Camarillo, police officers spent half an hour trying to persuade Chole to stay at a shelter and receive help. Instead of accepting, she bursted into tears, and said she did not want to leave her companions behind as the shelter does not allow animals inside.

“I don’t want to dog, I don’t need help, I’m fine here,” she said to the police. Chole said she could not abandon her six dogs, especially since one of them was about to give birth. The police managed to convince her to at least find a shelter for the night.

(Photo by Omar Camarillo)

After Chole’s story went viral, a kind local woman decided to intervene and help Chole.

Alejandra Cordova Castro was deeply touched by Chole’s dedication to her companion animals, so she decided to go over and give Chole some water, food, blankets, socks and other things she and her dogs might need. Castro posted her deed on Facebook and encouraged others to help Chole as well in any way they could.

(Photo by Omar Camarillo)

For now, Chole stays at a shelter that costs 50 pesos a day. Although it is in a very bad condition, what’s important for her is that she is with her furry companions.

Chole said she hopes the government could donate a place for her so that she can rescue even more dogs.

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