Adri Rachelle has opened up her heart and her home to almost 200 animals.

Rachelle is the founder of the Wild Things Sanctuary, where she takes care of every single kind of animals who were mostly neglected by their former human companions.

Adi was rescuing animals for years before she founded the sanctuary. What made her so amazing was that she kept all the animals happy and healthy in her own home with funds coming from her own pocket.

“It became clear to me tht this wasn’t a hobby for me, it had been the story of my life since I was a child and I wanted to officially choose it as my life’s primary focus,” she told Bored Panda in an interview.

She said although caring for hundreds of animals is challenging, she treats it as her life’s mission and never as some kind of work.

“Animals that are broken and in danger have always seemed to cross my path and knowing that I’m offering them a safe place to heal gives my life a purpose and that reward far outweighs all of the time, money, and sadness running an animal sanctuary can bring,” she added.

“I receive their affection, smile at their joy, laught at their antics, and reciprocate their love all day long! If I wanted to only meet their basic needs, food, water, cage cleaning, I could be done within a few hours and walk through those steps in my sleep at this point, but that is never what I want,” she said.

She takes care of all kinds of animals – horses, dogs, pigs, and cats, who were mostly either neglected, seniors, unhealthy, or abandoned.

“One of the biggest goals I have, that sets us apart from a lot of other facilities facilities of this type, is not being open to the public… which means there’s a huge potential source of income we’re missing out on,” Adri said.

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