Dogs are known as loyal companions of humans, and throughout history, they have protected their owners and guard against unwanted people or animals. However, an owner of a jewelry store in Thailand finds out that not all dogs are guard dogs.

Worawut Lomwanawong is the owner of the jewelry shop in Chang Ma, Thailand. He is also the hooman of a Siberian Husky called Lucky. To know that his shop was secure, he decided to perform a security test and stage an armed robbery.

In the CCTV footage, it can be seen that a man approached the shop’s counter during the training exercise. The “robber” carried a fake gun trying to threaten Lucky’s owner for money. Lucky, on the other hand, did not move an inch, and the robber got away with a fake bag full of cash.

Clearly, Lucky had his priorities straight, and sleeping is on top of it.

“This was a Thai police training of what it would be like if a thief came into my store and stole all my jewelry. The armed robbery in this video is of a policeman that my dog Lucky already knew; maybe that’s why he did nothing,” Worawut told Bored Panda in an interview.

“I found it very funny to see that he didn’t even try doing anything and continued to sleep. When I posted the video on Lucky’s page, I didn’t imagine it would go viral. It’s amazing to see that in just 3 days, the video has gained over 1 million views,” he added.

Worawut said Lucky was a stray dog, so he adopted her. Now, she has been living with Worawut for the last 7 years.

“Lucky is a very smart dog, when she was still a stray and used to be hungry at times she would walk around my store, sitting and waiting to receive some food from a kind person. I really pitied her, so that was the main reason why I took her in, and ever since then, she has been part of my family. When I first took her in she was in bad health. The main problems she had were tick-borne disease and venereal granuloma,” Worawut said.

“I believe she had a very rough life before we met and I wanted her to start a new life full of luck that’s why I named her Lucky,” he added.

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