A cat was spotted on the roof of a fast train in London, delaying its ride for almost three hours.

According to local reports, the cat was found on the roof of the Avanti West Coast Pendolino train from London Euston to Manchester last Tuesday. It took nearly three hours for the train operators to successfully ask the cat to leave the roof and away from the 25,000-volt power cables overhead.

All passengers were transferred to a replacement train instead. Lateron, the cat jumped on a bin placed beside the carriage.

“We often have to deal with birds inside the station, but in all my time here is the first train surfing cat,” Joe Hendry, Network Rail station manager for Euston, told the Milton Keynes Citizen.

“Thankfully curiosity didn’t kill this cat and we’re glad it avoided using up one of its nine lives thanks to the swift action of the station team and Avanti West Coast staff who organized for passengers to get onto a different train for the rescue to take place,” he added.

According to a station staff, the cat was clearly unbothered by the whole ordeal and was seen “swaggering off” on the platform.

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