A stray cat covered in fleas and ticks came into the doors of James Jones four years ago. His skin was badly infected with mange that it already felt like stone.

After a quick visit to the vet, they found out he has feline leukemia and massive infections in one eye and on his teeth. Jones decided to adopt the cat in and named him Chataro.

Chataro outside Jones’ home.

Chataro got surgery, and is now getting eye drops every day. At first, Jones said he was worried Chataro would have trouble socializing.

“I thought that he’d never socialize, being as how life had treated him so badly, and man, was I ever wrong? He’s loving and sweet and could purr for the Olympics,” he wrote for Bored Panda.

“To paraphrase John Lennon, all you need is love and a lot of medical attention for a while. Chataro looks to be about as happy a cat as one could wish for and knowing that makes my heart soar,” he added.

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