In case you like music, animals, or both, there’s a song that’s been making rounds online titled Alugalug Cat. It takes a cat’s distinctive meow and turns it into an electronic musical masterpiece!

David Scott, a South African musician known by his online moniker The Kiffness, is the mastermind behind this catchy tune.

The original video, found on Youtube and Tiktok, features a split screen between the cat and The Kiffness. On the left screen, we see a person reaching for a cat. The cat, seemingly feeling a bit threatened, makes a noise that doesn’t seem all too natural. That sound is where the song gets its title: “Alugalug-aaaaaah!” The sound is very hard to describe, so you’re going to have to hear it for yourself to get the full experience.

On the right side, we see The Kiffness with all of his equipment for making music. We see him shake a maraca, adding beats, and remixing that distinctive meow. He even 

The original video, published May 12 this year, has already garnered a little over 1.9 million views. A small part of the video’s success can also be attributed to Ryan Reynolds. The celebrity shared the video on his Twitter account, which caused a surge in views.

The video has gone viral that other people began adding their own musical contributions to the original remix. Their inputs were compiled in one video titled Alugalug Cat (International Symphonic Mashup). It has garnered over 900,000 views since its release on June 4.

The mashup includes tracks for violin, ukulele, flute, low whistle, guitar, drums, and backup vocals.

There were several witty comments, including, “World peace has finally been achieved.” Though one shouldn’t take that seriously, the song did bring together so many people with a mutual love for animals and music. Strangers all over the world are connected by the unique sound of a cat’s meow.

After the success of the song, The Kiffness also released a full version of it on his social media platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. Compared to the original, the full song has an additional minute, as well as an extra verse:

You keep singing sweet melodies What sometimes scares you, can set you free I know you’re hurting, deep down inside But in the darkness, great things you’ll find.

Truly a sweet note to end a wonderful song on. Although the original cat in the video isn’t Scott’s animal companion, he does have some photos online with his own cat, Naomi. He is clearly an animal lover and adores showing off his furry friend. She may not be the Alugalug Cat, but every single cat is special in their own right.

Scott has since created another remix with a sneezing cat. He titled the song The Kiffness X Sneeze Cat – Blinding Sneeze (The Weeknd – Blinding Lights Cover). The video garnered over 400,000 views. He seems to have found his calling in these cool cats. 

Find out for yourself why these cat mashups made quite a buzz online! There have been several renditions since the original first Alugalug Cat video first went viral, including a behind-the-scenes video showing how the mashups were made. Search for these keywords on YouTube and enjoy!

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