Dealing with the new normal means not leaving one’s home unless absolutely necessary. It also means not being able to freely visit the animal shelters and sanctuaries we usually would pre-pandemic. Aside from volunteering for, donating to, and sponsoring rescues from our favorite organizations, we can also show our support for them online.

Here are ten animal shelters and sanctuaries in the Philippines you can follow on Instagram! 

Founded in 1954, PAWS is a non-government, volunteer-based organization that advocates responsible pet ownership and campaigns against animal cruelty. According to their website, their organization is “dedicated to the protection and the promotion of humane treatment of all animals.”

Their animal shelter, the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center in Quezon City, cares for hundreds of Cats and Dogs waiting for their forever-homes. PAWS also has a clinic offering spay-neuter services at low cost.

Following the PAWS IG page means not only learning about all animals in their care that have yet to be adopted or fostered, but also being part of a community of people who care for animal companions across the nation.


CARA, Compassion and Responsibility for Animals, technically isn’t an animal shelter. The CARA website states that their mission is to “promote animal welfare in the country through education, public awareness, affordable sterilization and veterinary care, and the rehabilitation and rehoming of cats and dogs in need.

The organization is able to do this through donations, the work of volunteers, and the CARA Clinic, which has spayed and neutered over 21,000 Cats and 600 Dogs since 2006. While their rescues are normally fostered by volunteers, “exceptional cases” are cared for at their clinic.

Whether you’re looking for a new Cat or Dog to adopt or you’re simply looking for educational information and trivia about caring for animals, CARA’s IG page is one to follow.


PART is a no-kill animal welfare organization with a sanctuary in Quezon caring for hundreds of animals. Their Phoenix Animal Welfare, Adoption & Education Center shelters over 400 Cats, 200 Dogs, and several farm animals such as Horses, Goats, and Pigs, among others. The sanctuary’s website emphasizes that each and every animal in their care is not only fed healthy meals but also given the support they need to be “treated with respect and dignity.”

PART understands that some of the animals with them might never be adopted, which is why the sanctuary exists for them “to enjoy for the rest of their life.” Follow their IG page to support their cause. 


Hound Haven focuses on the rehabilitation and adoption of K-9s, be they Military Working Dogs (MWDs) or Contract Working Dogs (CWDs).

A working Dog is typically made to work for more than half their life. According to Hound Haven, there has yet to be a standard policy on what happens to working Dogs in the Philippines once they retire, so the organization has taken on the mission of rehabilitating them through behavioral or physical training in preparation for their aroptive homes.

Hound Haven’s IG page posts frequent updates about their center, located in Bulacan, and the retired heroes in their care. 

AKF, founded in 2002, began with a focus on eliminating the Dog meat trade in the Philippines. This advocacy led to the establishment of AKF’s rescue and rehabilitation center in Tarlac, which houses a low-cost clinic and a sanctuary for Dogs, Cats, and even Pigs, Goats, and cage-free Hens.

Over a hundred of the Dogs at the AKF Rescue & Rehabilitation Center were rescued from certain slaughter, and the organization remains committed to “improving the living and welfare conditions of animals in the country.”

The AKF IG page features photos of their adoptable rescues and documentation of the amazing transformations many of them underwent upon rehabilitation. 

@dumaguete_animal_ sanctuary

Founded in 2019, the Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary describe themselves as a “small non-profit no-kill animal sanctuary.” Their sanctuary, which they explain on their website is “built on rented land,” has space for Puppies, adult Dogs, new rescues, and rescues who are sick and need to be confined. Unlike many shelters, the Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary allows their rescues to roam free instead of limiting them to cages.

If you aren’t able to adopt, you might want to sponsor a rescue. Check out the Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary’s IG page for news of the life-saving work they do. one to follow. 


Lara’s Ark was founded in January 2020, amid the Taal Volcano eruptions; many of their rescues are Taal survivors.

Though Lara’s Ark is just more than a year old, the organization’s founder, Susan Lara, has been rescuing animals for several decades. According to their IG page, the animal shelter and sanctuary has rescued over 350, spayed and neutered 300, and rehomed 250 animals so far.

Lara’s Ark’s IG page showcases their rescues as well as information about the joys of rescuing, fostering, adopting, and generally caring for animals. 


Pawssion Project, established in 2018, has rescued over a thousand Dogs and rehomed over 500 of them. Its founder, Malou Perez, began Pawssion Project with a shelter in Bacolod then opened another shelter in Bulacan the next year.

According to the organization’s website, Pawssion Project’s mission is to “rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome abused, abandoned, and neglected animals.”

Passion Project’s shelters house both Cats and Dogs, caring for hundreds of animals at a time. They also conduct relief drives, hold stray feedings, and promote the spaying and neutering of animals. Follow their IG page for heartwarming updates about their rescues. 


According to their website, SWS is a foundation “dedicated to rescuing and helping stray dogs and cats, especially those in pain” (SWS, n.d.). Just last June, SWS was able to bring over 60 of their rescued Dogs to their new shelter in Batangas. The foundation describes the shelter as just a “temporary stop” for the animals before they’re eventually adopted.

Aside from an IG page, SWS also has a YouTube page featuring videos of their rescues.Advocate


Happy Animals Club was founded in 2014 by a ten-year-old boy named Ken. Today, the organization is a well-known non-profit, no-kill animal shelter “dedicated to rescuing and caring for animals in need, according to their Facebook page.

Happy Animals Club often posts about their rescues and successful adoptions online. Be sure to check out their page for more information about their shelter!