A trip to the pet supply shop to grab a bag of kibbles for our companion animals is not always easy.

There are different types of commercially available pet food
in the market: premium, organic, natural, gourmet, holistic… and the list goes on. Not only do you have a lot of choices in the market, but you also often hear different suggestions from other fur-parents.

Thus, the question stands, how do you choose the right food for our animal companions?


One should keep in mind that the best diet is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. The best diet will always be different for every individual animal.

Here are five main things to consider in order to narrow down choices the next time you go to a pet supply shop or click “add to cart.”


Commercially available food is especially tailored for each animal species based on their nutritional requirements. In other words, cat food should not be given to any dogs, and cats should not be fed with dog food.


Commercially available pet food not only makes it easy for you to care for the animals at home, but also helps you meet their specific needs. Because they have undergone testing and their quality is regulated, they are relatively safe for animals.

Finding food that is best suited for your companion animals requires time, not to mention careful consideration and research. But the animals you love deserve the extra effort!