The ongoing Russian attack on Ukraine has citizens fleeing the country, and with them, their companion animals. Responding to this urgent matter, many European nations have opened their borders.

Here are a few things Ukraine’s neighbors have done so far.

Poland relaxes animal entry regulations

According to a live report by Sky News, Poland has opened its borders to all Ukrainian citizens. They can also bring their companion animals with them, as long as they fill out a form.

Poland has also eased their regulations regarding animal entry. Companion animals can now enter Poland even without vaccinations, microchipping, or a blood test.

Romania, Hungary do the same

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Romania and Hungary also relaxed border restrictions for animal companions without papers and vaccines, as long as they filled out a form from the chief veterinary authority on Bucharest’s website (Romania) and from the National Food Chain Safety Office website (Hungary).

Private entities chip in

Privately-owned animal shelters are also doing their part to help the animals that may be abandoned in Ukraine.

On PETA’s Facebook page, it was shared that PETA Germany “is coordinating a delivery of nearly 20,000 kgs of companion animal food as well as blankets to shelters in Ukraine.”

Animal rescue shelter Casa lui Patrocle also posted on their Facebook page, saying that they would assist in looking for shelters for all animal companions.

Hotel Mandachi, located in Suceava, Romania, has also opened its doors to refugees, even allowing their animal companions to stay, according to the personal Facebook page of the hotel owner, Stefan Mandachi.