A little-known fact by the public is that most animal companions become community animals. Maybe it’s because some families can’t take care of them anymore or, worse, they get tired of them once the animals grow up. In the end, the animals become unhomed .

Here in the Philippines, the local government’s way to control their population is to send them to the pound, which does nothing to solve the root problem.


In observance of World Spay Day on Feb. 22, 2022, PAWS launched Kapon for all Pets, a three-way collaboration between their organization, local government units (LGUs), and veterinarian clinics that aims to provide affordable or free spay and neuter procedures for the animal companions of residents .

Participant LGUs will be included in PAWS’ list of progressive kapon-friendly cities and municipalities. This list will be put up on PAWS’ social media page on Feb. 22.