In countries like America, various companies — Google, Ben & Jerrys, Etsy, Uber, and Amazon — have begun to modernize the office environment. One of the things they’ve started to do is allowing companion animals to come to work with their humans.

Although that may seem unproductive and perhaps even destructive at times especially for people who prefer the traditional office setup, there are a surprising number of benefits that employees, employers, and the animals themselves can enjoy.

Agatha chilling in the office. (Kristian Delizo)


One of the main issues that’s stopping companies from transitioning to a more progressive and pet-friendly workplace is the chaos. Things like poop, barking, destruction of company property, and maintenance could become a total nightmare for everyone involved if the parties involved are not equipped to handle these issues properly.

Here are a few tips for this transition to happen smoothly.

Animal-friendly workplaces here in the Philippines are still uncommon, but with more progressive leadership, more businesses are expected to be open to change. Let’s cros our fingers and hope that these modern office practices catch on.