Since the start of the pandemic, mass gatherings have been prohibited to avoid the spread of COVID-19. As time went by, people wondered if things would still go back to the way they were.

But as cases started to dwindle in 2022, it felt like people were settling into the new normal. During this time, The International Gamefowl Festival (IGF) invited Zoo Med Philippines (ZMP) to participate in their annual event at the World Trade Center in Pasay.

It was, of course, a challenging feat to make certain that such a big event would remain safe for guests and exhibitors alike.

After months of preparation, Deltaman, the IGF, and the organizers of ZMP (Lendl Lin, Jing Oliveros, and yours truly), created a set of ground rules. For instance, tickets had to be bought primarily online. There were also shifting schedules. These, among other guidelines, were set to accommodate the current alert level.

Some regal-looking Bearded Dragons from White Dragon Reptile Farm Philippines


Though the exhibition was slated for January 2022, it was pushed back to February 25-27, because of the (then-new) variant entering the country. And as the severe cases went down, the exhibition pushed through.

While most of the tickets were sold online, IGF allowed on-site ticket purchasing for walk-in guests. All the same, a strict time-slot rule was in place.

The Zoo Med booth could be found at the back of the venue, with a stunning arch that displayed the logo. It was a popular photoshoot spot for guests.

Mark Caringal of Ball Pythons Asia

More than a dozen exotic animal exhibitors had their booths ready. Reptiles, birds, Rabbits, and many small mammals could be spotted here and there.

New items, such as the UVB/LED lights by ZMP, were displayed centerstage, as well as other popular products, such as the Tortoise house, Repti Bark, EcoCarpet, and some reptile lights. There were other products in sight, such as reptile toys, accessories, and enclosures.

Alongside the booth were products from Hikari Herpitle, SERA Reptil, and even API Turtle, which were distributed by QMARK Pet Products.

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and Dubia Cockroaches


Central to the exhibit was the organizers’ goal to encourage the responsible growth of the reptile community, which meant promoting the guardianship of exotic animals through legal means.

Dr. Nielsen Donato, together with a representative from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), graced IGF’s main stage. The famous veterinarian gave a talk on useful tips when caring for exotic animals.

ZMP printed flyers on how to legally register animals in accordance with DENR guidelines, making them available to attendees.

A variety of Turtles from Congo Charlie
A Pied Reticulated Python from Wolfpack Exotics
An impressive Red Tegu from Wolfpack Exotics
A group of Mexican Green Iguanas from Congo Charlie