Cats are interesting creatures to take care of. Unlike their canine counterparts, Cats don’t necessarily approach when you call them, and they seem to hate hugs. You might wonder if your feline is a friend or foe.

But have no fear, as there are signs that tell you whether or not your Cat loves you.


Kneading is the act of rhythmic pushing and pulling of paws onto a soft object. It is so-called because the Cats look like they’re kneading bread.

According to a 2018 article from, Kittens knead to stimulate milk flow from their mother’s breast, hence the kneading action. They carry this habit until adulthood.

When a Cat kneads a part of your body, it’s a sign that they trust you. Just make sure their nails aren’t sharp, because it could get painful.


Normally, human headbutts carry a negative connotation, but in a Cat’s case, they could be seen as something positive.

Rubbing a part of their head against you is a way for them to show their affection to you, according to a 2019 Insider article by Sophia Mitrokostas. Headbutting is also a way for Cats to bond with you.


A 2018 article from explains that a Cat’s body is composed of millions of pain sensory cells that are highly sensitive. This makes the sense of touch a significant factor in a Cat’s relationship with humans.


A Cat’s tail will often show how they’re feeling. According to a 2015 article from by Stephanie Dwilson, a puffy tail means that they are aggressive, and a lowered tail tucked between the legs means they don’t feel secure.

But if a Cat’s tail is raised all the way up, especially if the end is slightly curved, it means they are happy to see you.

In a 2013 Washington Post article by John Bradshaw, this habit hails from kittenhood, when young ones greet their mothers by raising their tails. So, a raised tail might mean that the Cat sees you as their mother figure.


Gift-giving is not just for humans; it’s also for Cats. Just like when you give your friend a present on their birthday, Cats will “give” you items they catch, because they like you enough to feel at ease with you.

Just don’t expect them to give you something fancy. You’ll most likely receive carcasses of Insects and Mice, which of course you won’t find ideal. But hey, your Cat does not hate you, that’s for sure!


As you might have guessed, if your Cat purrs at you, it means that they are comfortable around you. Additionally, according to the 2018 Cosmopolitan article by Isabella Silvers, Cats only purr at humans, especially their favorite ones. So, consider that a win.


Sometimes, if you catch yourself at a staring contest with your Cat, you may want to watch how fast they blink. If they blink slowly at you, it means they love you.

A 2022 article by Dr. Katie Grzyb for PetMD, blinking is one way Cats communicate affection. When Cats blink slowly at each other, it’s like flashing a peace sign. But when Cats blink slowly at humans, it’s a sign of affection.


If you catch your Cat blinking, try to blink back slowly, too. It’s a way of saying “I love you” back to your Cat!


It may seem tempting to rub their bellies when Cats expose them while lying on their backs, but exposed bellies are not an invitation for you to rub them!

However, showing their most vulnerable side reveals their trust for you, especially if your Cat flops down on the ground in front of you and rolls on their back.

Just make sure to be careful if you’re attempting to rub their belly. You might get a scratch in return.

So, watch out for these signs the next time you hang out with your Kitties. But given the love — and, well, food — that you’ve been giving them, it’s almost certain that they love you back!