Nobody can resist the charms of an animal companion, not even the untouchable K-Pop idols. Sadly, according to the 2020 article by Lee Hyo-jin in The Korea Times, over 135,000 homeless animals were found around South Korea in 2019 due to irresponsible human companions. Thankfully, KoreanPop idols are using their clout to promote animal adoption, with some setting an example by adopting their very own furry babies!

Here are five K-Pop idols who adopted their animal companions.

CHENLE from NCT Dream

According to a September 2021 article by Sara Siguion-Reyna for Lifestyle Asia, Chenle adopted a Bichon Frise named Daegal who appeared in a couple of videos with other NCT Dream members.

In one memorable video, they recreated a Puppy version of Doljanchi, an important Korean tradition that celebrates the baby’s first birthday.

LEE KNOW from Stray Kids

Aside from being the group’s dancer, vocalist, and rapper, he is also the fur dad of three Korean Shorthairs named Soonee, Doongee, and Dori. In a 2022 article from Channel Korea, it was revealed that the Cats were adopted separately.

Soonee was adopted by Lee Know in middle school. Two years later, he adopted Doongee from a friend, and he found Dori through a website for abandoned Cats.


The maknae (or the youngest member) of this group is known by their fans for being fond of animals, so it’s no surprise that she opened her heart (and her home) to foster two Dogs named Butter and Kaya back in 2020. Based on a 2020 article by Lee Narin on SBS Star, she shared the news in a live video via NAVER V Live to celebrate the group’s anniversary.

Tzuyu said in the live that she was visiting a Dog shelter during that time and decided to bring the Dogs home to foster.

As of this writing, it seems that Kaya and Butter are comfortably living with Tzuyu.


Who knew MAMAMOO’s resident rapper loves animal companions? In a 2020 article by Misty Gray in the website Koreaboo, she welcomed an abandoned Dog whom she renamed Janggu.

Originally named Harang, he was from the Neowahamgaenyang Animal Shelter where he was found abused and infected with heartworms. After he got better, he couldn’t find a home because of his age (he was four) and his medical needs. It was then that Moonbyul came to the rescue.

The animal shelter thanked Moonbyul for adopting Janggu (Harang), hopeful that she would take good care of him.


Before the group disbanded in 2022, one of its members, Aron, made a guest appearance in a KBS variety show called Dogs are Incredible in August 2020 where he brought his six- year-old Shiba Inu mix named KKotsooni.

According to a 2020 article by J. Lim in Soompi, Aron shared the story about how he met KKotsooni. The Dog had been living in a parking lot since she was a Puppy. He said the Puppy’s parents were being taken care of by the building’s owner, but she was abandoned because she was shedding too much.

He decided to adopt her in 2018 when he saw an adoption notice.

K-Pop stars adopt rescued or abandoned animals, despite having such busy schedules! They know that it’s better to adopt instead of to shop for animals, and they are most likely hoping that others would come to the same realization, too.