We could all agree that no one would ever replace the original Grumpy Cat, but a new angry feline became viral. Meet Meow Meow, a cat with another grumpy face from Taiwan.

Meow Meow’s owner, Clare, told Bored Panda in an interview that Meow Meow was probably born even before the late Grumpy Cat.

“I met her at an old pet shop,” Clare said. “Her ex-owner abandoned her for some unknown reason. She was 10 months old at that time, so me and my younger brother took her to our house and she became my first cat.”

Although Mew Meow looked grumpy all the time, Meow Meow is very sweet. “She massages me using her paws to wake me up every single day.”

She added that Meow Meow loved to wake her up for breakfast. “After the meal, she washes herself and jumps onto one of her favorite places near the windows to watch the birds. Sometimes she even draws the curtains all by herself just to sit down and get a better look.”

Clare explained that Meow Meow looked angry because of her ‘Batman’ mark on her face, but despite that, Meow Meow still is the cutest kitty for her.

Image credits: Siro0913

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