Meet the paw-some dog who paints abstract art, Hunter!

Hunter, a Shiba Inu from Alberta, Canada, has been taking the internet by storm with his paintings, which started in 2017.

(Facebook/Shiba Art Online)

His humans Kenny Au and Denise Lo told Huffington Post in a 2017 article that Hunter was a very intelligent animal companion, so they always tried to look for new things and tricks to teach him. Au shared that Hunter loves to do dog puzzles and run as fast as he could at agility courses.

(Facebook/Shiba Art Online)

In February 2017, Lo thought about teaching Hunter a brilliant idea: painting!

(Facebook/Shiba Art Online)

“We had a blank space on our wall and we were looking for things to put up on it,” Au told HuffPost. “Because Hunter is such a calm, careful and responsive dog, my wife figured he’d be able to learn the brushing motions to create some kind of memento for us. We were really surprised by the results.”

Au added that Hunter really loves painting and will bark and stare at them if he wants to paint. But Au said that they always try other things other than painting, so that Hunter would not get bored sometimes.

“With painting, we’ve incorporated it into his daily routine and he seems to love having a job. It makes him calm throughout the day,” Au said.

The couple was so amazed by their furry’s talent that they posted his works on Reddit, where they had a lot of positive feedbacks. They created an Instagram page and also a shop, where fellow animal lovers could buy his paintings.

You can check it here: Shiba Art Online

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