See what exotic animals are in store to the attendees at the Royal Rumble in the city. 

Visitors to the recent edition of the bi-yearly Philippine Arowana and LouHan Society (PALHS) event, titled “Royal Rumble,” got to see the changes for the better that the group has instituted. Stunning displays of monster fish were on display alongside monster tanks created by Fish Habitat’s Jun Jimenez, Jay Africa, and Phillip Kaw.

Also on display were an interesting array of reptiles, from snakes to geckos and iguanas; there were also tortoises like the Sulcatas, Aldabras, and Redfoots. Caiman crocodiles drew many curious visitors, as did the fancy koi. But the highlights of the show would be the King of the Tanks: the big Super Red Arowanas in the Arowana competition. Also impressive were the different small Super Reds and Large crossbacks.

Hobbyists and their families lingered to watch the awarding ceremonies for the various competitions and the much-awaited Grand Raffle Draw, which featured a Super Red Arowana and a Cross Back Arowana from Oriental Aquatics, and a Black Diamond Stingray from Aquatic Imports. They agreed, though, that the most important part of the show was having a good time, meeting fellow hobbyists, making new friends, and renewing old friendships.

This year, the show was called “Royal Rumble” in reference to its gradual transition from a fish show and competition for popular fish breeds to one that offered visitors a diverse range of saltwater and freshwater fish on exhibit, and more. This year’s sponsors and partners included Animal Scene Magazine, Seachem, Oriental Aquatics, Big Fish Place, Aquatic Imports, Nueva Petcenter, and Fukuda.

(With reporting from Margarita Hermoso) 

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s December 2015 issue.