In a perfect world, pet parents could bring their fur kids wherever they go, and separation anxiety – whether in humans or animals – would no longer be a thing.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as reality is far from perfect. Pet parents are sometimes forced to leave their fur kids at home whenever they need to go on vacations or business trips, which could last anywhere from days to months.

Some humans are lucky enough to have a close relative or kind neighbor willing to look after their beloved fur kids while they are gone. Then again, not everyone is that fortunate.

Enter pet sitting. It is the act of caring for a pet in their own home while their pet parent is away. Pet sitting services began in Western countries as early as the 80s and has since spread across the globe; it is in demand these days as the number of jet-setting or work-centric pet parents continues to rise.

Animal Scene spoke with JV Maligalig of Critter Minders Pet Sitting Service about what makes pet sitting a competitive option compared to other pet care services.

Mixing business with pleasure

JV’s venture into pet sitting was borne out of his love for animals and desire to put up his own business.

Having grown up in a farm, JV developed a natural ease around animals. After leaving school and working for three years, he finally decided to pursue his dream of opening his own business.

“My passion and love for pets led me to open a pet hotel and eventually a pet sitting service. These [businesses] allowed me to support not only my own pets, but also the rescued [animals under my care] and stray animals in need,” JV says.

In 2016, he officially opened Critter Minders Pet Sitting Service.

Benefits of hiring a pet sitter

When you don’t have anyone to look after your fur kids and pet boarding is not your thing (kenneling animals for a long period of time should be out of the question), hiring a pet sitter is your next best option. One of the good things about it is its convenience: All you need to do is click a mobile app and you will soon have a temporary caretaker at your doorstep.

JV shares other major benefits of entrusting your beloved fur kids to a pet sitter.

1. It’s stress-free

Some animals, especially dogs, experience separation anxiety when they are away from their humans. Pet sitters can provide the same amount of attention their pet parents give them, making them feel less stressed.

Likewise, pet parents are more relaxed if they’re assured that their fur kids are in good hands.

2. There’s little to no change in their environment and routine

Remaining in a familiar environment helps keep your fur kids maintain their zen.

3. A pet sitter can keep you in-the-know

Pet sitters can provide frequent updates via email, text, or call. They can send photos and videos of your animal companions for your own peace of mind.

4. Pet sitters can do more than just pet sit

They can receive packages, water your plants, and do a little bit of other basic housework. These additional services may have additional costs – make sure to talk to your pet sitter if you have extra requests.

5. Fur kids get lots of quality time

Animal companions will receive undivided time and attention from a pet sitter – that’s the most important thing!

Pet sitters to the rescue

Pet sitters ensure that your companion animals are closely supervised at home while you’re away. According to Pet Sitters International, the key responsibilities of a pet sitter are:

1. Feeding and giving of fresh water
2. Providing exercise and playtime
3. Cleaning up of waste and other pet-related messes
4. Administering vitamins or medications (if needed)
5. Providing plenty of TLC!

JV says, “We give pets [the] quality time, love, and attention they deserve. We provide daily updates as soon as the service is completed. We also provide a free meet-and-greet [between] sitters and parents for better communication.”

Pet sitters may provide basic grooming services, such as bathing, brushing, or nail clipping, and even more advanced tasks, such as emergency care or first aid.

Hire a pet sitter now!

Need a pet sitter? Critter Minders’ services include:

1. Pet sitting – Critter Minders can pet sit for cats, dogs, and small animals (hamsters, rabbits, and birds). Visits can be Standard (45 minutes), Mid-day (15 minutes), or Full-time (9 hours, or as long as needed). They can keep pets’ routines as consistent as possible to reduce stress and boredom.

2. Dog walking – They can take your dogs for nice and active walks around your neighborhood. Walks vary from 20 to 30 minutes.

3. Pet taxi – They can transport your companion animal to the vet, groomer, or wherever they need to go, whether by appointment or if there’s an emergency. Fees vary. Depending on the length of services required, pet sitting rates can range from Php 400 to 1500 per day.

Get in touch with Critter Minders Pet Sitting Service!
Facebook: @crittermindersph
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +63 966 815 6776 (also available on Viber)
Pet sitting services are available within Metro Manila only.

This appeared on Animal Scene magazine’s October 2019 issue.

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