The pet fashion industry in the Philippines continues to rise, along with the increasing population of animal lovers. Those who are new to it often ask, “Why dress up cats and dogs in the fur-st place?” or “Why design and create outfits for pets?”

Here are just a few reasons.

1.Unites Families

Filipinos are known to be familly-centric and animal companions are considered as valued members of the family – in fact, for some, they’re the same center of attention. Everyone will surely find time, get excited, and make sure not to miss a weekend of festivities if there’s a pet fashion show. The larger the family, the louder they can cheer for their beloved animal fashionista.

A busy work schedule does not necessarily prohibit one from joining a pet fashion show. Working people often amaze attendees with how they manage time despite work, especially when it comes to preparing outfits for their companion animals. These events also serve as bonding time, which is why they do their best for their four-legged babies.

Attending pet fashion shows also means having a bigger network of friends who may eventually become part of our family. Cat and dog groups often start in events, with members maintaining their friendship even after membership grows in online groups.

Age doesn’t have to be an issue. Kids gain self-confidence while the seniors feel and maybe even look younger than their age whenever they hit the runway with their animal companions.

2. Challenges creativity

Gone are the days when animals were the only ones wearing costumes. Human participants have become very creative and now wear elaborate costumes and use well-thought-out props.

The scene has evolved. Pinoy pet fashionistas are scene stealers and very resourceful with outfits. Some materials used may be readily available at home: old baby clothes, scrap cloths, and old curtains. That way, they don’t need to spend much for costumes.

3. Fosters camaraderie

Pet events promote rapport between humans and animals. Attending pet fashion events also allows animals to interact with others.

Oftentimes, animal companions steal the spotlight when they enjoy the runway with their owners. With the help of their humans, they get to show their fun personality.

Pet parents also build camaraderie with others who share their passion for dressing up animal companions. Even though they consider themselves contenders, Pinoys often cheer for other pet parents. Win or lose, everybody feels like a winner.

4. Shows nationalistic art form

Pet fashion shows in the Philippines have become world class.

Filipino pet designers have been using materials available only in the country, promoting Philippine culture and talent. Theater is brought to the runway as well, what with pet fashion shows now involving choreography, music, and art.

5. Promotes advocacy

A number of pet fashionistas donate food, shampoo and pet multivitamins to charitable institutions to celebrate wins. Some may choose to give their prizes to fellow attendees right after the event.

Some event organizers conduct pet fashion shows for the benefit of animal shelters. This allows organizations to voice animal-related concerns, giving people the chance to unite under a cause. These events have also become an avenue to aid ailing pet parents.

Written by Adrian Cabuhat

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