An ambulance with a pregnant woman aboard hit a female carabao at Barangay Tangub in Bacolod City, which resulted to the animal’s death.

PSSgt Randy Abello, a traffic investigator, said four carabaos were crossing the street when one of them was allegedly hit by the ambulance.

53-year old Renato Panabi, the driver of the ambulance, apparently was driving their way to a private hospital in Bacolod City when he overtook a vehicle in front of him and hit the carabao.

The animal, which was owned by 67-year old Apolonio Cabalhin, was dead on the spot, with its body pulled from the road by the patrol car of Police Station 8.

Panabi claimed he was not speeding when it happened.

The pregnant woman and Panabi were unharmed from the incident, while his companion who was seated beside him at the front passenger seat sustained minor injuries.

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