Shelter pets deserve comfort too while waiting to be adopted. That is why, an Ohio shelter decided to recreate a living room setting for their shelter dogs to prepare them to their future forever homes.

The Toledo Area Humane Society built “The Real Life Room,” which is a comfortable and relaxing set up of a living area for shelter dogs. It is very different from the normal blank kennel spaces that dogs were used to.

The staff renovated an office and built the pretend living room. It included a comfy chair, a rug, pillows, crate, television and even a flood lamp. It was almost a complete set up of a loving home, except the only thing missing from it is the actual forever family for the shelter dogs.

Toledo Area Humane Society posted a photo of Jake, one of their dogs in the shelter, calmly napping in the room. “Jake, our long stay dog, putting our Real-Life room to use. He is definitely enjoying the quiet, calm environment.”

(Toledo Area Humane Society)

Aside from letting the dogs experience a living room setting, the shelter also said it is a space where the dogs could escape from the noisy kennels. It is a low-stress environment where the pooches could also show off their personalities. They are often accompanied by a shelter volunteer so they could also feel the normal, human setting.

They believe the room worked wonders for many of their dogs as a lot of them had been adopted since, just like what the shelter had hoped.

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