An animal welfare group has made an appeal to the Philippine government and human companions of animals to organize an emergency disaster plan for animals after typhoon Ulysses left dogs, cats, and other animals were found dead, abandoned or stranded over the weekend.

Pawssion Project, a non-profit animal welfare organization that rescues and rehabilitates distressed dogs, is urging the public to tap local government units in coming up with a plan for saving animals during calamities and disasters.

“Our team is dedicated to speaking up for the voiceless. And it absolutely breaks our hearts knowing that we, as a country, are still way behind with thinking of our furry companions when emergencies and calamities arise,” the group posted on their Instagram page last Nov. 13.

“We’ll do much better as a nation if we start to think more about others, including those who cannot speak for themselves,” the organization added.

As humans frantically left their homes and fled to safety, many dogs were left in cages and chained, which led to their demise as they drowned from the flood.

San Mateo pound in Rizal, one of the country’s dog pounds with no killing policy, was also hit by the typhoon, and is now calling for help as their rescued 70 dogs lost their temporary shelter, food, and supplies.