Artist Jeffro Uitto takes wood sculpting into a whole new level. In his social media accounts, where he goes by the name Knock on Wood, Uitto uses various pieces of wood that were mostly found on the beaches in Washington State, to create sculptures that were mostly animals.

“On the Washington coast, there’s a place where nature’s leftovers get a second chance at stardom. The place is Knock on Wood, and [I am] the artist making the magic happen,” he wrote on his website.

According to Uitto, he had always been fond of woods and loved to collect them, especially driftwood because of the patterns on it that looked like waves. Although driftwood is known to be one of the hardest, Uitto manages to transform his ideas and emotions into it and creates a fluid flow into his art.

He says he wanted to emphasize that each object has its own “life.”

“It’s really nature inspired, the love and curiosity for the subjects and the infinity of materials. It’s really humbling to see how many people connect with the work. It’s also important to bring attention to these animals, their mysterious beauty and the extinction they face,” Uitto told Bored Panda in an interview.

Check his works here: Jeffro Uitto

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