Being in quarantine pushed people’s creativity to the limit, which includes joining online challenges for everyone’s entertainment.

Lantana, TX-based artist Eliza Reinhardt decided to join a “Between Art and Quarantine” challenge, where they would recreate the renaissance art.

Reinhardt added a little twist in her recreations by teaming up with her Australian Shepherd, Finn.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Reinhardt said she got laid off in March 2020, so she was home 24/7 with Finn.

“I’m a painter, so I would want to go into my studio and work, but Finn would get SO upset. Therefore, I wanted to come up with a project that he could do with me,” Reinhardt told Bored Panda in an interview.

“I expected that we would do a few photos and he would get bored, but he is a working breed so he does best when he has a job,” she added. “[He] has taken these photos on as his daily task.”

Take a look at some of their most pawsome photos!

1. (Left) Gian Lodovico Madruzzo, 1551/1552 vs (Right) Giovanni Battista Moroni vs Mister Finnegan Dorman, 2020

2. (Left) Anonymous vs (Right) Portrait of Swadddled Twins, C. 2020

3. (Left) St. Veronica, 1633-1634 vs (Right) St. Veronica, 2020

4. (Left) American Gothic, 1930 by Grant Wood vs (Right) American Gothic, 2020

5. (Left) Pierrot and the Cat, 1889 by Theopile Steinlen vs (Right) Eliza and the Dog, 2020

6. (Left) Meekness, 1650 by Eustache Le Sueur vs (Right) Meekness, 2020

7. (Left) Self Portrait, C. 1670-1673 by Bartolome Esteban Murillo vs (Right) Self Portrait, C. 2020

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