The Australian government has passed a bill that bans cosmetic testing on animals.

Industrial Chemicals Bills 2017 includes the prohibition on new animal test data for chemicals that have been introduced into Australia as cosmetic ingredients.

“This ban reflects both the global trend to end cosmetics cruelty, and the will of the Australian public which opposes using animals in the development of cosmetics,” Hannah Stuart, campaign manager of Humane Society International (HSI) for #BeCrueltyFree Australia, said in a statement.

“We thank the government for showing leadership on this important issue, and HIS will continue to work with them to implement the commitments and enforce a robust ban. This is a huge win for animals, consumers and science,” she added.

Australian government officials have committed to reinforcing measures that will ensure all cosmetic ingredients were captured by the prohibition, Stuart told Cosmetics Design Asia.

“Basically, we were able to support the bill on the basis that they were about to incorporate reinforcing measures and commit to us so that the ban was a complete ban rather than a partial ban,” Stuart added.

Stuart commended the efforts of all the people who supported the #BeCrueltyFree Australia campaign, especially the support of government officials, such as, coalition MPs Jason Wood and Steve Irons, as well as co-sponsors Labour, Greens, Centre Alliance senator Stirling Griff, senator Derryn Hinch, and senator Tim Storer.

However, the start of the bill will commence on July next year to allow the industry to comply with the new set of schemes. Stuart and HSI believe it could be moved earlier.

“It’s possible, but at the moment it is set for July 2020. The main achievement is that it has been passed and there definitely won’t be any delays beyond 2020. That’s positive,” Stuart told Cosmetics Design Asia.