Zoologists at Colorado State University released their recent study on squirrels, revealing that the animal’s high-risk lifestyle is actually a human equivalent of seven action films a day.

“Before you’ve even sat down for lunch, a normal squirrel has already faced a dozen adrenaline-pumping experiences far more insane than all the Die Hard movies combined,” Dr. Bryce Roper, lead researcher, said.

He noted that in a day, rodents routinely engage in leaps between branches that is more “death-defying than any Jackie Chan stunt and dodge predators more ferocious than the Terminator,” reported The Onion.

“Being chased along rooftops in Istanbul as bad guys lean out of helicopters to gun you down is perhaps the closest a human could come to understanding the day-to-day life of a squirrel,” Roper added. “Maybe multiply that by three and add in witnessing a villain kidnap your child after murdering your spouse, then you’ll get the picture.”

Besides that, the study also found that an average squirrel falls in love 10 times more “than Ryan Gosling’s character in The Notebook.”

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