Reasons why Barangay leaders must take care of their pets.

As the rains come, barangay or community leaders should be responsible enough to round up stray dogs, cats, and other animals endangering kids, elders, motorists, and pedestrians.

More so, they are responsible for the cleanliness of their surroundings. Cleanliness is a must for pet responsibility. This includes the anti-rabies shots provided pets by community health centers, hospitals, and animal welfare groups.

Supervision by mayors and non-government groups is deemed necessary so that pets are protected from rains, floods, and other signs of danger.

Mayors and “kagawads” (barangay watchpersons) can impose or tighten their watch to include pets inside the houses of their owners—minimize dog barks, cats running around in circles.

The curfew on youths must embrace pets that should have proper care, nutrition, and guidance.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s September 2016.