Gregory, an adorable-looking beagle, was almost close to being euthanized in an animal shelter. But, a Good Samaritan came just on time to rescue him from an impending death.

Two-year-old Gregory was scheduled to be put down because of a medical condition that was deemed too expensive, but is known to be curable. He has heartworms, which are caused by long worms measuring up to a foot that could be found in the animal’s lungs, blood vessels, and heart. Fatigue, loss of weight, lack of appetite, and reluctant to exercise or move are some of its effects.

(Hound Rescue and Sanctuary | Facebook)

Joe Kirk rescued Gregory a couple of days before he was about to be euthanized, so a thankful dog does the only thing he knew: He hugged and licked Joe all throughout their ride and their pictures quickly became viral.

(Hound Rescue and Sanctuary | Facebook)

Joe and his wife, Schenley, are actually founders of Hound Rescue and Sanctuary, which helps abandoned animals to find new shelters and families. Its main objective was to rescue or adopt dogs who were marked for death.

They currently care for 25 to 30 adoptable dogs and other stray animals that they let in at the shelter.

Gregory was treated for his heartworm and has been enjoying the company of his new fur-mily and another beagle that he now calls his best furry friend.

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