While volunteering at a local animal rescue center, pet parent Jess Martin fell in love with a blind Staffordshire, whose name was Amos.

Because of Amos’ blindness, he had been having a hard time to get adopted from the shelter. Jess decided she wanted to give Amos the home he never had, so she adopted him.

At first, Jess was worried if Amos and her nine-year-old Terrier, Toby, might not get along. However, the two looked like they have always been family, because they were together just fine and even went on to incredible adventures together.

Amos, because of his blindness, often bumps into walls and became frightened easily by the sounds of the TV. But, Jess saw something incredible between Amos and Toby’s relationship.

When Amos was having a hard time, Toby would nudge Amos to the right direction.

“They have developed a nice communication between them, and they know each other’s boundaries,” Jess said.

Now, Jess often take her two dogs out on a hike or just to the park to let Amos improve his socialization skills every day!

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