Furry friends don’t get any furrier than this! British Longhairs are a very popular breed of Cat who are well-known for their soft, fluffy, luxurious coat of hair.


Hailing from Great Britain, these Cats are the long-haired counterpart of the British Shorthair.

After both world wars, the British Shorthair was threatened with extinction. In order for their breed to be saved, hybridization was introduced. These surviving Shorthairs mated with longer-haired varieties of Cats, such as the Persian Cat. With that, the British Longhair we know and love came into existence.


To learn more about the lives and personalities of these lovely Cats, we spoke with Grace Domingo-Arcilla of Queen’s Paws Cattery. Here are a few things she said to expect if a British Shorthair becomes part of your family.


Grace is the loving human guardian of two British Shorthairs, Jewel and Karmel. When we asked about their personalities, she said that they are a couple of very friendly felines. “I actually have other breeds of cats, but I find British Longhair and British Shorthair cats very calm. I don’t have any problem with them being around other people and other animals.”

This makes the British Shorthair a great first-time animal companion, to which she agrees, stating that they are “definitely the breed for first-time Cat companionship!”

As someone who has to deal with multiple Cats at a time, she has gotten to know each of their unique personalities. “Some of my British Longhairs are laid back, some are playful. But all of them would love to be rubbed [and] petted, even by people they’ve just met.” They are definitely not shy!

Both Jewel and Karmel also get along with Grace’s other animal companions, surprisingly having close interactions with her Golden Retriever Dogs. These Cats can get along with anyone and everyone!


With a long mane like theirs, a big concern for people looking to care for a British Longhair companion might be grooming.

Grace mentioned that she has a grooming team for the Cats, but for the most part, they are very independent. “One thing I like about cats is they need less grooming. Cats groom themselves. They normally just need fur brushing, claw trimming, and ear cleaning. I also give supplements to help nourish their coat.”

This is very standard Cat care, which goes to show that a British Shorthair is quite good for someone newly familiarizing themselves with having a Kitty companion.


Jewel and Karmal are a couple of sweethearts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their quirks! According to Grace, they are both prone to jealousy. “They tend to be jealous when one of them receives longer attention! I heard that other Cat breeds tend to not care about what’s going on around them, but Jewel and Karmel are unbelievably jealous when I am so focused on one Cat,” she explains.

Human guardians might need to help Cats regulate their emotions, even if it means cuddling with two Cats rapidly back and forth. But that doesn’t sound too bad at all.


Regular exercise should be in your animal companions’ routine already, but it is especially important for a Cat like the British Longhair.

In the profile of the British Longhair created by Purina, these Cats are “prone to obesity due to their sedentary life.”

Grace’s solution to this potential problem is giving them their own room to roam, complete with toys such as teasers to encourage them to play around.

Since the food isn’t as processed as kibble, they have higher nutritional value. This can positively affect their weight as well as their coat.


Grace raised her Kitties on wet food and kibble soaked with milk when they were still growing, but as they reached adulthood, she began to introduce raw food into their diet.

An example of raw food that can improve the health of the British Longhair is Salmon due to its omega-3 fatty acids. This targets the health of their key feature, their glorious coat.


Being the human guardian of a Cat is not always fun and games. We have to make sure that every furry friend receives the utmost care.

Though they are kind, snuggly, loyal, and easy-going, their fur is one of the most important aspects of their breed. To prevent a lot of shedding, keep their coat nice and healthy. A good diet as well as vitamin supplements will help tremendously. Of course, some shedding will be inevitable, so keep a lint brush handy!


All in all, a British Longhair is a wonderful animal companion for first-timers. Grace explains that these fluffy felines are her absolute favorite companions at home due to the fact that they are so “easy-going and placid.” Aside from their coats, their calm and loving personalities are their defining feature.

Truly a beauty both on the inside and out.