Continuing my journey for a pet academy, I would like to go back to the basics of caring for Fishes. So many would like to share their thoughts and experiences but end up intimidating and confusing a beginner on what they are supposed to do.

This is why simplified principles are better able to provide a consistent routine that makes it enjoyable for one to care for Fishes. It also minimizes commercialism, because there are so many advertisements for Fish items that aren’t necessary.

With so many types of animal companions available and without the right guidance, beginners cannot discern what companion to take care of. Below are some tips that might help.



The Hamster makes for a great companion for those who have never cared for animals, for the following reasons.

  • SMALL IN SIZE. Hamsters take up only a small space inside a home, great for condo and apartment owners.
  • INEXPENSIVE TO CARE FOR. The cost of food and basic housing is minimal; they are small and are not picky eaters.
  • INTERACTIVE. We can spend quality time with them, have selfies with them, and provide activities for them to play with us.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN. Hamsters can keep themselves clean.
  • QUIET. They sleep all day. At night, they stay entertained if they have a wheel to play with.


Fun activities, aside from set-up kits that I started for Hamsters, include Hamster races, mazes, and photo galleries.


Bettas are great as first-time companions as well, for the following reasons.

  • BEAUTY. The range of available colors is unlimited. They come in solid colors of red, blue, and green to so many multicolor varieties.
  • VERSATILITY. Bettas can be kept alone or in a community with stable tankmates. Tanks can be bare or can contain plants.
  • INTERACTIVE. Place a small mirror or transparent tank with another Betta, and they will react to their own reflection, keeping them active. Their fins will flare and their color becomes intense — it is a fantastic scene to watch.
  • INEXPENSIVE. No need for big tanks, aeration, or an expensive filtration system. Food requirements are minimal and commercially available. The entry Betta Fish, which is the veiltail variety, costs about Php 50-90.
  • SMALL SPACE REQUIREMENT. A one-gallon tank is more than sufficient. If you want to provide a bigger tank, feel free to do so — any bigger would be a mansion for these beautiful Bettas.
  • EASY TO CARE FOR. A two-minute water change daily is all it takes to clean a standard Betta tank.


Goldfishes are friendly companions for those who have had no previous experience caring for animals!

  • BEAUTIFUL. Taking care of two or more Goldfishes is a great experience. They’re beautiful to watch, given their vibrant gold color.
  • FRIENDLY. A beginner won’t have problems with Goldfishes being aggressive. They are so friendly and can even identify their human guardians.
  • ROBUST APPETITE. You won’t have a hard time feeding these wonderful Fishes.


Taking care of these animals requires a bit more experience, as it might be slightly more difficult.


These animals are a lot harder to care for — they do best with guardians who don’t mind taking the time and effort to research, provide optimum care, and stay vigilant for any problems.



Team effort is very important since the academy encourages bonding moments. My colleagues Laicy, Dimple, and Jennyrose help a lot by sharing their talents. Family bonding also resulted in my daughter Jamie assisting me with grammar checks and editing.

Education with immersion is very important — without it, people will try to acquire animals through hard selling and full marketing advertisements. The animals are on the losing end if they suffer because of a person’s lack of knowledge. My prayer is for all animal guardians to be responsible and to fully appreciate the joy of being able to adequately care for animal companions.