Get scared with the dogs and their owners wearing their costumes during the Canine Spooky Pawshion Show in Mandaluyong City. 

The recent Canine Spooky Pawshion Show, held at Starmall EDSA Shaw, Mandaluyong City featured pet keepers and their charges costumed according to a Halloween theme.

ChicletSecond place went to Mark Luis Ordo and his dog Gabby

All dog breeds were welcome, so long as the dog was at least four months old; handlers or keepers also had to participate in a question and answer portion.

Canine/human pairs were judged based on their costume’s concept (30%), creativity (10%), materials used (10%), and how well they performed in the Q&A portion (50%).

Canis Familiaris Project Co. (CFPC) founder and chairperson Jay Aldeguer opened the event by welcoming all dog keepers present. What followed were raffle draws and other activities. Corporal Chito Espino was a featured speaker, giving a basic seminar/workshop on dog obedience training, including a live demonstration.

Participants and visitors alike got to update themselves about new canine diseases and were given them tips on how to prevent these; they were also taught how to give first aid should those situations arise

YORContestant Camilo Morales with his dog Chiclet

The Venerable Lady Veterinarians of De La Salle Araneta University conducted a free anti-rabies vaccinations, while Sparkbon Pet Grooming provided free dry grooming services, to all dog attendees.

Aimed at gathering dog keepers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts while giving them a venue to gather and share their experiences in a fun event, Canine Spooky Gathering was organized by Canis Familiaris Project Co. (CFPC) in partnership with Starmall EDSA. The event was hosted by the Philippines Certified Dachshund Keepers (PCDK), Mandaluyong Pack Leaders (MPL), Manila Bulldogs PH (MBPh), and PH Order of Canine Keepers (PHOCK, formerly known as Philippine DOGsters Club or PDC).

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s December 2017 issue.