Here’s what you can do instead


A hungry stray dog walks up to you and gives you his most convincing puppy-dog eyes. A skinny cat starts rubbing against your leg, hoping to make friends.

You can’t resist the falling in love with them. You want to take these lovely strays home…but you can’t!

Don’t feel bad. There’s a lot you can do to help.

Help Strays Find a Home

If you can’t adopt a stray, maybe someone else can!

  1. TAKE A PHOTO AND SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Cute stray puppy? Adorable homeless kitty? Snap a pic and ask any of your Facebook friends if they want a furry companion!
  2. TELL A STORY. What makes your stray buddy unique and lovable? Don’t underestimate the power of a good tail—er, tale.
  3. SPAY IS THE WAY. The less strays there are, the less animals a potential adoptive parent will have to choose from. Raise a homeless animal’s chances of getting adopted through spaying and neutering!

Help Strays Survive

It’s a tough life out there. You can help homeless animals survive and live better by doing these.

  1. PROVIDE FOOD. See some skinny strays in your neighborhood? Please feed them.
  2. LEAVE BOWLS OF WATER. Without clean water, homeless animals get sick or die.
  3. BRING THEM TO THE VET. Ill or injured strays might not make it on their own. Vaccination also helps keep deadly diseases at bay.


This appeared in Animal Scene magazine’s August 2017 issue.