Most pet parents will do just about anything to give their companion animals happy and healthy lives, and that includes looking for the best pet brand that not only offers quality products but also provides quality service. Great news for pet parents: Petworld just might be that brand!

Petworld, which started in December 1992 in Cagayan De Oro, carries a wide range of budget-friendly products for dogs, cats, fishes, birds, reptiles, small critters, and many other different kinds of animals. They currently have three branches, all conveniently located at major shopping malls.

“The winning difference of Petworld is its love and care for pets and their owners. We value life. We take care of our clients on a personal level. We treat each pet as our own,” Petworld told Animal Scene in an interview.

First-time pet parents won’t have any problem picking out products suitable for their animal companions because they will be well-guided by staff who are animal lovers themselves.

“We believe in honesty and transparency. We build trust with our clients. We sell the items the client needs and not overload them with unnecessary things. We strive to make pet keeping easy and enjoyable for them,” they added.

Like no other

Before any product makes it to their shelves, Petworld conducts simple quality assurance checks by testing the products themselves. They use their products first to prove that they are not just here for business, but are also determined to provide the best for furry family members.

Petworld is an official distributor of Mazuri and Aquaforest Freshwater products.

“[No] brand is good at everything, but every brand has its good products. We handpick these products and put them all in one place for the convenience and peace of mind of our clients,” Petworld said. According to Petworld, visiting their store was like visiting 10 to 15 different ones rolled into one, making them an ultimate one-stop shop.

More than business

Being in the business for more than 25 years now, Petworld knows that the pet care industry requires more than just offering pet parents and animal lovers excellent products. They make sure to go the extra mile – even as far as visiting customers, who have turned into friends, at their homes to help set up an aquarium or check how their animal companions are doing.

“Petworld has become part of its clients’ lives, especially for the people of Cagayan de Oro. We have seen small kids cry to get that small pet, until they [grow] to become adults who have kids of their own,” they said.

Petworld is all about connecting with people and going the extra mile to help.

This appeared in Animal Scene magazine’s October 2019 issue.

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