These are things you need to know and consider when bringing your pets at malls and parks. 

Amid the summer, malls have appealed to pet owners to be responsible enough to take good care of their animals – especially cats and dogs.

First is a warning against rabies through their seeminglt “harmless” bites. Rabies is a viral thing that may harm humans.

Second, is that these little pets may harm the environment through their waste scattered on the hallways.

Perhaps, it is practical to put a leash on them when walking them in pet-friendly parks or malls to beat the heat.

Better still, pet lovers may bring small plastic bags and tissue paper to clean up the “mess” before kids or the elderly will step on them, slide, and break a bone or two.

Mall and park maintenance folk are not “sanitation” or hygiene personnel who have to guard against “messy” waste laid by cute pets.

Like horses that do their thing on the street, pets may be trained to lay their waste in proper places. Pet owners should be responsible for their beloved ones – a tall order.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s June 2016 issue.