Klarieke is the proud hooman of three adorable felines – Stavros, Jack and Louis.

One day, the leader of the pack, Stavros, found a stray kitten hanging around in their backyard apparently looking for food. It kept coming back to the house and spent most of his time hanging with Stavros, who has been giving him his own food.

Klarieke asked around the neighborhood whether they lost a kitten, but no one responded. By then, Stavros has been inseperable from the kitten and it’s apparent they grew fond of each other and would not stay apart.

Klarieke decided to adopt the kitten and named him Charlie. It took him a few days to adopt to his new life. Stavros, who was also a stray before being adopted by Klarieke, showed Charlie all the ropes on becoming a house cat.

“[Charlie] spends most of hist time playing and gets along with the other cats in the house. He became familiar with us today, he loves to stay in our lap to receive affection,” Klarieke told Bored Panda. “We adopted him so recently and he already receives all the attention and affection that other cats receive. Because he is still a kitten, we are teaching him to do the right things, of course, with the help of Stavros.”

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