An animal shelter has been receiving several calls from pet owners asking them to have their cats rehomed over fear that they may catch the coronavirus from their pets.

The World Health Organization has been reminding everyone that there is no evidence that pets can be infected by COVID-19 and that they can transmit it to humans.

However, Iris’s Cat in Need in Stoke-on-Trent continues to receive several calls a day from pet owners who fear they would catch the disease from their animal companions.

“You cannot catch this from a cat,” volunteer Claire Jones told The Local Democracy Reporting Service. “Mostly, it’s people who haven’t got access to the right information online.”

If some animal shelters bring good news with a high percentage of surge in pet adoptions, there are those like Iris’s Cat in Need that receive less help from people because of the wrong information they’re getting about animals and coronavirus.

“We’re worried about running out of food. I don’t think we’ve had any at our collection point at Tesco, in Kidsgrove, but we do know they’ve had a short supply,” she added.

Jones added that they try to assist every feline owners as much as they can, especially when they’re having problems with them. She would like to reiterate that pets would not get people sick.

“Now is the time to get a pet because you’re going to be home a lot,” she said.

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