A recent viral video shows a cat walking into a hospital carrying her kittens to seek medical attention.

The video was taken in a hospital in the Karabaglar district in Izmir, Turkey. It shows that the mother cat walked straight into the hospital carrying her kittens, while the people made way for the animals to pass through. Medical staff immediately went to help them.

“As we began to receive patients in the morning, she showed up with her kittens. She asked for help, meowing for a long time. We were shocked,” said one of the hospital staff.

Upon examining the kittens, the doctors and nurses realized the animals were suffering from eye infection. They contacted a veterinary clinic to treat the animals.

“We were giving food and water to the mother cat living on the street with other people living in this area. However, we did not know that she gave birth to kittens,” one of the health workers told local media.

The hospital sent the mother cat and her kittens to Uzundere for further care.

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