Toby was a stray cat who meowed his way into a family’s front door. When the family did take him, it seemed like it was not a perfect fit and the family quickly decided to find Toby a new home.

After a few days, however, Toby did not like his new home and travelled 12 miles back to his old fur-mily. Instead of being impressed by his actions though, his old family decided they cannot care for Toby for the second time around.

His former family brought Toby to the animal shelter and asked for him to be put down. “It was heartbreaking,” Tara Lynn, a representative from the shelter, said. “He made it back to his old home on his own and they sentenced him to death!”

The shelter decided against it and they called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Wake County to take Toby for a medical assessment. They found out that the feline had an upper respiratory infection and immunodeficiency virus.

He got treated and became everyone’s favorite cat at the shelter. Once back to full health, Toby has been put up for adoption.

Michelle Puckett from North Carolina went all the way to Wake County to meet Toby and take him home. They were definitely perfect for each other and now, Toby is all happy with his two cat siblings and owners.

“He’s so sweet and cuddly,” Puckett said. “He’s taken over our bed, but we don’t mind. He loves relaxing and sleeping under the pillows.”

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