Cats are known for ignoring their owners most of the time even when their owners shout their names at the top of their lungs. A new study proves that cats actually recognize their names, but they just chose not to come when called – unless there is food.

A recent study published in Scientific Reports show that domestic cats do know their names and can recognize their owners’ voices very well.

Atsuko Saito, a behavioral scientist at the University of Tokyo, conducted the study on cat behaviors along with other researchers. They tested on 78 cats from different Japanese households and a cat café.

Cat owners were asked to say four words that sounded familiar to their animal companions’ names and the researchers noted the cats’ reactions. Owners also called on their cats’ actual names.

Scientific American reported that cats had more “pronounced responses to their own names – moving their ears, heads or tails, or meowing – than to similar words of other cats’ names.”

To test their findings even further, researchers asked strangers to call out the cats’ names. The group of researchers found the cat to still respond, but slightly less than that of their pur-rents.

In conclusion, the results proved that domesticated cats do recognize their names, but they are not as obedient as dogs. They may actually be smarter than what most humans think of them!

Until then, the researchers continue to delve into it and hope to find more answers to the characteristics of cats.

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