Regarding the positive contribution of the police-military collaboration for the safety and animal welfare. 

Joint police-military checkpoints have made a positive contribution to animal or pet welfare. Just recently, hundreds of “askals” (asong kalye or stray dogs) were seized by lawmen at a checkpoint in Laguna.

The dogs were bound for “dog meals” up in a city in the North. Another checkpoint, with the help of an animal welfare group, seized bags of dog meat, bound for a market in Metro Manila.

With these seizures, the authorities notched record hauls to stop the animal meat trade. These may be small actions, but a big step for the preservation of the animal pet kingdom.

Another factor to consider is the government plan to ban or minimize firecracker explosions, risky as this may be, all over the nation. Citizens are sick and tired of noisy celebrations, like the traditional New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31) bang.

The noise not only pollutes the air, but also wracks the nerves of men and animals. If these were not enough, man is not worthy of being called the “stewards of God’s lovely creatures.”

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s December 2016 issue.