Northwest China’s Gansu Province regional government announced their plan to build a giant panda national park to protect pandas, along with other endangered animals, according to a report by the Global Times.

The planned construction of the giant panda national park is considered to be part of China’s innovative to construct 10 pilot national parks.

The giant panda national park will be established in Longnan, southeast of Gansu that border Sichuan Province, where around 111 giant pandas live there.

Officials from the local forestry bureau said they formed a special team to survey the park’s boundary and control human activities in the park. It has also been reported that the team is speeding up the construction of the giant panda center and public education venue, where they will install video surveillance cameras to monitor the pandas.

Gansu, one of the three natural habitats of the giant pandas, is currently 188,800 hectares big. The planned park may cover 255,300 hectares that could involve 21 towns and villages in four counties.