Chinese millionaire Wang Yan dedicated his life to save dogs at a very young age.

Years ago, Yan used to run a steel empire, where he managed to earn millions of money. With his earnings, he used it to build an animal rescue center in Changchun city located at the northeast part of China’s Jinlin province.

But how did it all start for him?

According to local media reports, Yan started to become an advocate after his dog went missing.


“I went looking everywhere, but all to no avail. Finally, someone let me go into the slaughterhouse to try my luck there,” he said. He went to slaughterhouses to slaughterhouses, but after a week of looking, he failed to search for his pup.

However, he found something else in those places.


He saw the horrible scenes of slaughter and it stuck to him deeply. He felt sadness for the dogs that were about to be butchered for their meat, which pushed him to buy a slaughterhouse and build the rescue center.

Before, there was about 1,000 dogs living in the shelter, but thanks to the generosity and kind-hearted people, 800 of them have been adopted. Now, 200 dogs remain and wait for their fur-ever homes.

China is known for being notorious in butchering dogs for their meat. They had 10,000 dogs slaughtered each year in celebration of their Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

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